10 most beautiful ladies in Kenya in 2022: Who ranks at the top?

Kenya has never had a shortage of beautiful women. Women exude elegance, beauty and intelligence. All women, no matter what industry they work in, know how to take care of themselves and look good in the world. The Kenyan beauty flaunts her hot body and cute outfits on her social media platforms like Instagram.



Most women you meet on the street try hard to look as attractive as they look. Getting compliments can boost a person’s self-esteem and improve where they’ve started failing. Even sexy Kenyan women need a reminder to be sexy from time to time.

1. Foi Wambui


For Wambui is a popular name among her YouTubers in Kenya. She dropped out of law school to pursue her acting and media careers. She is one of Kenya’s most beautiful women and she works hard to maintain her image Some of the films she has appeared in include Devout Daisy and Pandemic Love.

2. Sarah Hassan

Anyone who has followed Tahidi High School religiously knows the shy, beloved and charming Sarah Hassan. Since high school, Tahiti has achieved many by acting in movies and hosting TV shows. Her beauty is getting better every year. Sarah’s kind heart and her lovable personality are complemented by her amazing self.

3. Michelle Ntarami

The CEO of Marini Naturals couldn’t miss this list. Michelle Ntarami’s golden brown complexion combined with her natural hair make her one of Kenya’s most admired beauties. Follow her on her Instagram to keep up with what’s going on in her life.

4. Grace Ekirapa

Grace Ekirapa is a lovely soul and she is one of the Kenyan beauties. Her 101 host of crossovers has her pretty face, her lovely long black hair, and a lively personality that complements her beauty. She is also a musician and runs her YouTube channel where she shares snippets of his life. She is a professional advisor with ageless wisdom, and she is loved by many when asked to speak.

5. Jackie Matubia

Jackie Matubia is another favourite Tahidi High Actress who has delighted many with her show. Jackie is a former Switch TV host and now she is the host of Ebru TV. The star never stopped acting. In a recent interview, Jackie Chan said he was working on an upcoming major film.

6. Massawe Japanni

Massage Japanni is one of the many queens of Kenyan Swahili radio. She is a bold and funny radio host both inside and out. She currently works for Radio Jambo, interviewing known and unknown Kenyans who are making social impacts or making news. Her unique voice can make anyone a fan of Swahili radio.

7. Kaz Lucas

Talk about sexy Kenyan women and Kaz Lucas pops up. Despite spending the longest time in the limelight, she hasn’t lost her charm. Media personality, musician, podcaster, and social media influencer is as enthusiastic today as he was ten years ago. Kaz still does commercials and movie gigs, but he mostly appears on podcasts.

8. Wabasha Maxine

Wabasha Maxine is known for her Slay Squad swing. It’s a coined term that refers to her fans who subscribe to her YouTube channel. The beauty and lifestyle vlogger is soft-spoken, scandal-free, and an expert at what she does. One of Wabosha’s major accomplishments is becoming a Nivea ambassador and being featured on her Nivea billboards in various locations around the country. Kenyans love Kenyan girls who do things in the YouTube space without making a lot of noise.

9. Yvonne Okwara-Matole

Yvonne Okwala is a senior reporter for Citizens Television. A seasoned journalist, she has been loved by many thanks to her ability to understand Kenyan politics and read the news. Some say Yvonne Okwala is Tiwa Savage’s double, but the well-known journalist agrees on her social media: This beautiful woman is most respected for her hard work. She is one of the female journalists.

10. Lillian Mulli

Lillian Mulli is no stranger to many. In addition to her long career as a reporter for citizen television, she found herself on the wrong side of the tabloids that covered her own private life. This reporter exuded a different kind of aesthetic. I’m here. She has a beautiful air and she dares to talk about her career and her personal life. She is one of the hottest Kenyan women out there.

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