2 Suspects Were Arrested After They Broke Into The Wrong Home

These two suspects entered a home in the Motloung Section of Katlehong, where they took a plasma television, a sound bar, a laptop computer, bank cards, and some documents from the residence of the victim.

The members of this family had travelled to Qwaqwa for the holidays in order to spend time with their relatives there; but, due to the criminals’ actions, they were forced to cut their stay short and return home early.


After receiving information about the incident, the police went to the residence of the suspect, but they were unable to enter the home, so they departed. After that, the event was reported to Thatha-zonke, who subsequently entered the home and found that everything had been recovered, with the exception of the laptop, which had already been sold to an individual from Mayberry Park who often visits the region on the weekends.



It would be helpful if you could let him know that Thatha-zonke is searching for the stolen laptop that he purchased. Simply giving us a call or sending us a message via this platform will allow us to retrieve the laptop.

Thatha-Zonke is present, and it has no interest in mingling with criminals or illicit activity. When it comes to instances like these, when suspects are constantly trying to get away, concerned citizens need to guarantee that they are successful in order to make the nation a safer place. This is extremely important in the country since it is something that is highly intriguing.


Officers have shown to be extremely effective in ensuring that suspects are captured, but the officials must do more to ensure that they can be effective when it comes to such occurrences. The authorities need to do more to guarantee that they can be successful when it comes to such occurrences.





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