21-year-old South African songstress, Pabi Cooper killed by death hoax

Amapianpo genius Paballo Basetsana Mothapo, better realized by her stage name Pabi Cooper, has gone to her Instagram record to scatter the gossipy tidbits about her “passing” coursing on the web.


This is in response to a rogue Facebook user by the name of Stash T Woods, who posted a message that read, “RIP Pabi Cooper,” which sparked outrage online.


Unfortunately, celebrity death hoaxes are destructive to the celebrity’s friends, family, and followers, causing fear and shock to a large number of people.The death fictitious event astonished and incredulous fans.On her Instagram account, Pabi responded to the erroneous rumors about her death and dispelled them.


She begged people to stop spreading false information:

At the age of 15, Pabi Cooper’s passion for soccer officiating nearly led her to lose her way.

Pabi Cooper, a singer and dancer, had aspirations of becoming South Africa’s youngest soccer referee a little over a year ago.



The young star’s interest in football started when her grandmother showed her how to play the game on their small television at home.Cooper had no idea that she would like to work as a referee in soccer professionally.She and her grandmother spent a lot of time together playing soccer together.

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21-year-old South African songstress, Pabi Cooper killed by death hoax.

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