Lady in low cut makes serious face as she dances hard at wedding ceremony

Na Fight? Reactions As Lady in Gown Makes Serious Facial Expression As She Dances at Wedding Ceremony in Video, A young lady has attracted all the whole attention to herself as she danced energetically at a wedding ceremony.

In a video originally shared by @chocolate_shot_it, the lady wore a gown with a fine design. While dancing, she made a very serious face.

She got their attention

People whipped out their camera phones to film her. At a point during the video, the MC had to create a space for her.

When she did her ‘gbese’ moves, her spectators were more entertained. Many people who reacted to her video wondered why she had a serious face on.

Watch the video below:


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As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 19,000 likes & 150 comments with thousands of views when it was reshared by WME.

some of them below:

by_cynthia_ka said:

“Aunty killing everything. Hair, body, moves. Everything fire.”

arvetta_griz said:


trussmylingo said:

“If you not dancing like we on the talent show finals, are you really celebrating?!”

lionelj13 asked:

“Why as Africans do we do that to our faces when we dance?”

funda_fighter said:

“Wow sooo good dancing. Powerful woman. Yes.”

gloriakmm said:

“Why is this beautiful woman pulling her face and sticking out her tongue? It’s like the least appealing thing ever. People been on this trend for a while and I’m over it. I want to be mesmerised by your moves, your vibes, your power, your beauty and your grace when I watch you dance. Not by your screw face or your tongue hanging out. For why? Too much! Make it stop. Keep it cute!”

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