Actress Mary Remmy Njoku says condition of a man’s wife shows people who he is

The Condition of Your Wife Shows the World the Kind of Man You Are: Actress Mary Remmy Njoku Says, Nigerian actress, Mary Remmy Njoku recently reacted to an old post about how women look when they are unmarried compared to when they finally become wives.

The post consisted of two photos of ladies, with the one of her as a girlfriend looking nice while the one of her as a wife showed her looking rough.

A man had replied saying that the first photo of the lady as a girlfriend showed how her parents treated her while the one of her looking rough as a wife showed how the husband treats her.

Mary Remmy Njoku agrees

The actress accompanied the post with a caption where she explained further and agreed with the point.

According to Remmy Njoku, the condition of a man’s wife shows the world the kind of person he is.

Not stopping there, the actress added that a man’s daughter cannot be a princess if her mother is not a queen.

She then advised these men to take a look at their wives to determine the kind of person they are.

In her words:

“Dear MEN. The condition of your wife shows the world the kind of man you are. Your daughter cannot be your princess if her mother is not a queen.

“So take a deep look at your wife and ask yourself, what kind of man are you?”



Internet users react

Mary Remmy’s post drew a lot of interesting reactions with many of them agreeing with the actress.

Read some of their comments below:


“Omo this one enter sha. So true. But how does she treat herself?”


“Absolutely love this .”


“Dear Queen. You shouldn’t wait for your man to take care of you, before you start looking out for yourself. You matter so much and deserve better! So therefore, yourself care shouldn’t be negotiateable . You should always find time to look out for yourself. Take care of hair, body, nails and visit the spa once in a while. You are Enough Happy international women’s day to you (beautiful women) out there.❤️❤️❤️.”

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