African men are romantic, Sanyeri insists

The actor Olaniyi Afonja, also known as Sanyeri, has contradicted the idea held by a few that African men are not romantic.


Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, he said, “It isn’t a fact that African men are not romantic.” Each African man can satisfy his partner. “They are significantly more romantic than other people on this planet.”


Counseling young actors who want to become celebrities overnight, Sanyeri said, “They all should be quiet and patient enough to wait their turn.” They should first work, then hang tight for their harvest. Numerous up-and-coming actors want to cut corners. To that end, some of them go practically naked on social media. Every up-and-coming actor should be diligent, determined, and focused. “If they can stick to those three characteristics, the sky will be their limit.”


On the role he finds most satisfying to play, Afonja said, “I can act various roles, but my solidarity lies in playing comic characters.”

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