Age Is Just a Number, Lady Says She Can Settle For Any Man

Age Is Just a Number, Lady Says She Can Settle For Any Man, The era of men being the senior of their women is becoming over, as nowadays, some people are in a relationship of bliss and the lady is older than the man. They do not consider the age differences as long as the love is there, after all, age is just a number. Whereas some ladies put the ages of the men they want, this rich and beautiful South African lady says that she is ready to accept anyone she loves, saying that age is not a barrier.

This implies that even though she is your senior, you can still try out your luck and if the lucky star is smiling on you, you can be the one she will choose. The lady is slightly rich and could not be after the man’s money. The man too mustn’t be worried because she is a working-class lady who is not completely dependent on a man for survival. Nowadays, relationships is like a job opportunity to some ladies.

One of those who is interested in asking her out lamented that his only hindrance is because he is not rich and probably doesn’t own a car, whereas the lady has a good car. But honestly, it seems as she isn’t concerned about all those things. She is mindful about a serious person who is single. This is why she wrote, “Only if you are single


Age is nothing but a number”. The young man replied to her, “I’m broke, but I can carry you from the bathroom to the bedroom, the rest Is up to you to give them feedback”. The lady is beautiful and well-to-do. She is still open to people and is accepting messages. You, too, can log in to Twitter, add her up and try out your luck. This could be your lucky day, you can’t tell. It is better to try and fail, than not trying at all and still fail.

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