All men cheat: Actress Chizzy Alichi says she can’t leave hubby over infidelity

All Men Cheat, I Can’t Leave My Husband Because of Infidelity: Actress Chizzy Alichi Says, Nollywood actress Chizzy Alichi has reiterated that she would not leave her home for any strange woman if her husband cheats. She also bragged that no woman can sna*tch away her darling husband because she is a whole package.

Giving reasons her husband is not active on social media, Alichi maintained that the fear of homewreckers is not part of her worries.


“My husband doesn’t have a social media account, well not all. He is only on Facebook. People think that I was the one that made him stay off Instagram because of husband snat*chers, no I didn’t oh. He is not a social media person. In fact, I am the one that brought him out. He is a quiet and reserved person. Very simple, calm, and calculated. I’m also not scared of husband sna*tchers.



No woman can sna*tch my husband from me. I mean who is that? She carry 10 heads? I’m a whole package and my husband is forever grateful. He is the one scared of losing me. I had many suitors, people richer than my husband but I chose my husband because he is my best friend, play and gossip mate and rich of course, (who no like better thing).”

Alichi who is happily married to serial entrepreneur Ugochukwu Mbah also said that she believes men are polygamous in nature, so a good number of them are unfaithful partners.

“I can’t leave my husband because of infidelity. I have this orientation while growing up that “all men cheat” “men are polygamous in nature” and believe it or not most men cheat (there are still good ones though and my husband is number one). If you leave a cheating partner, what is the possibility that the next person will not cheat? But anyhow, it depends on what and how it happened,” she said.

On what she does differently to maintain a happy home despite the rate at which celebrity marriages crash, the filmmaker who has been shuttling between Lagos and Asaba for movies reveals what works for her.

She said:

“Maintaining a happy home starts from the person you got married to. My husband is somebody I have known for years because I learned that in marriage, sometimes love vanishes but friendship sustains the union. Secondly, he supports my dream. Some of my colleagues stopped acting as soon as they got married but my case is different. I became a producer after marriage and I opened my TV show because of him. So my husband is my best friend and he always wants to see me happy and vice versa. To me, that is how to maintain a happy marriage.



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