An artist from Kenya allegedly painted AKA’s statue outside his home

This is what they mean when they say works that speaks from the ground, works that speaks from the grave. Right now we can see our late beloved rapper he is speaking from the grave. He is receiving much love from all the people that were following him, it really shows that he had a very effective and extra-ordinary way of interacting with his fans, that really shows that he had love for the people.

He was not a man who shows off, he was not that man who could look down on the people, we can say he was not proud, he was just a man of the people. Music industry can never be the same without him, I understand why South Africa continue to mourn this great legend for this long. Now it has been two weeks and this great Legend is still making headlines, not just in South Africa but even Africa and the world at large is also mourning may his soul continue to rest in peace.

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