As Malema Was Gifting The Bapedi Queen With a Car, People Noticed Something That Left Them Not Happy

One thing about economic Freeform fighters and Julius Malema is that they take care of our traditional leaders like no one else. Every year, they go all out to host an event or give a gift to different traditional leaders as a token of their appreciation for their leadership. That’s one of the reasons why many traditional leaders love EFF, especially the ones who are Pedi and Zulu.


As Julius Malema was celebrating his birthday yesterday, he spent it in a stylish way that honored one of the most popular bapedi traditional leaders. Yesterday, we celebrated his birthday by honoring the Bapedi Queen, Her Majesty Manyaku Thulare. The Queen in turn blessed the CIC with traditional Bapedi attire, affirming that he is a son of the Bapedi Nation. She was so happy for the car she received; she was given a brand new Range Rover.


During the handover moment, people noticed something that left them not happy; they noticed that Mbiti Semi Ndlozi was chasing people away like dogs so that Malema can take clear photos with the queen. Ndlozi was busy pushing people away so that they don’t disturb the handover; he was seen whisking and pushing people back. Many people were not happy about how he was whisking those people away; they say he should address people with respect.


In my opinion, CIC is a true leader by demonstrating his selflessness and uprightness in character. Traditional leaders remain custodians of our history and can guide us into the future. At all times, they must be honored. I don’t see anything wrong with what ndlozi did. People were disturbing the land because they were too close to the car and the camera, so I don’t blame him. I say congratulations to the queen on her new ride, and big up to the economic freedom fighters, continue to look after our traditional leaders and extend the gratitude to other tribes also.


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