25 Asoebi for Special Events Fashion Style

25 Asoebi for Special Events Fashion Style, Owanbe has become a broadly acknowledged slangs in the nation, initially it is a Yoruba word signifying “It is occurring here”

The owanbe parties ranges from Weddings to birthday events, infant naming to any type of festivities. I recollect the first occasion when I heard the word Owanbe I asked what it implied and was told it implied happening party.

The owanbes are once in a while sumptuously tossed parties with stunningly and richly dressed individuals. Consistently end is some owanbe, design sweethearts consistently anticipate these gatherings so as to show of their most recent styles, while different fashionnistas that didn’t get welcome to such gatherings throughout the end of the week stay signed on to various online life stages to see new mold and style motivations posted and shared by fashionistas.

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