Birds Used To Transport Drugs Left People Talking On Social Media After This Was Noticed

People started chatting in the comments section of social media posts after seeing images of pigeons implicated in a drug-dealing prison scandal.

Costa Rica’s ALAJUELA (KTRK)

Some resourceful inmates used a fellow “jail bird” to assist them in bringing drugs into the country. They are unfortunate because it has the same knack for being discovered.

According to guards at a prison in Costa Rica, inmates trained this pigeon to sneak drugs over the fence. When the bird was discovered, it had a fanny pack the size of a bird that contained cocaine and marijuana.

This specific breed of pigeon is simple to control, according to experts. Its life of crime is now over because it is being cared for at an animal sanctuary.

In the past, prisoners have used cats, food and other methods to bring in illegal drugs

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