Bonang Matheba is dragged for failing to give last respect to AKA

Bonang Matheba is dragged on social media after failing to give the last respect to her ex boyfriend AKA.

It has been revealed that AKA and Bonang Matheba once had an affair and they were once happy. When they were were no longer dating there was nothing much serious between them as a result Bonang did not pay his last respect to this man.

Bonang revealed that eversince he saw rocks tied up in plastics in his cupboard, she never wanted to love someone again in her life. She revealed that it was not salt it was rocks. She did not mention name but people knew that she was talking about her ex girlfriend AKA.

Bonang is a well known independent woman who is a presenter and has been on the industry for a long time now. She is a millionaire and her beauty will never change.

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