Bride and groom enter wedding venue with boxing gloves, throw punches in video

Will They Fight? Massive Reactions as Bride & Groom Enter Wedding Reception With Boxing Gloves in Video, A video shared by Tunde Ednut has shown the moment a couple who were about to get married arrived at their wedding venue in an uncommon way.

The bride was the first person to come in as she wore a boxer’s gloves. Her bridesmaids were behind her as members of her team.


They look ready


Like an athlete ready for a fight would do, the lady threw punches with her wedding guests watching.


The husband was also no spoilsport as he jogged into the venue and went up the aisle like a ready sportsman.


Watch the video below:



As at the time of writing this report, the video has stirred over 2,600 comments with more than 23,000 likes.


some of the reactions below:


iamsexysteel said:

“Epitome of na fight go end am.”


okonlagos said:

“Wwaaaoooowwwwww!!! I loooooove this!!!”


iamjessicatse said:

“They are ready to box out anything that will hinder their marriage.”


roz_p1472 said:

“This one una box everywhere start marriage life so , we nor one hear say Justice for the groom or bride oh.”


ordeenakah said:


“Your marriage will not be a boxing ring IJN.”


cornerstone_84 said:

“It symbolizes fighting life’s challenges together, fighting anything that will come their way together. Blessed union to them.”

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