Carol Ofori shares top tips for healthy natural hair

Television and radio personality Carol Ofori has always loved her natural hair. While the presenter has often experimented with wigs and braids, she admits that wearing her hair naturally makes her feel most confident.

Over the past few years, the star has put in a lot of work to ensure that her natural hair is healthy.


In a bid to celebrate natural hair, Ofori shares some tips on how women can ensure their afro is being kept strong, healthy and shiny. “I cut my hair in November 2016, I have been five years natural,” Carol says adding that she is loving the journey she has undertaken with her natural hair.


During this time, Ofori has learned some important tips and tricks to keep her hair looking its best.


Moisture is your hair’s best friend: Ofori reveals that the key to getting any afro to look good is keeping it moisturised. “It’s very important to find that sweet spot when washing your hair. Wash your hair often enough making sure you don’t over-wash your hair,” Carol explains. She adds that using products that are highly moisturising will also make or break your afro. “Water is your afro’s best friend,” Carol continues. “The more water you put into your afro, along with moisturising products, the better.”


Use products to keep your hair healthy: Expanding on the idea that moisture helps keep your natural hair healthy, moisturising products are important to help keep your afro looking nourished and full.


“The biggest thing about having an afro is to give it lots and lots and lots of love – and moisturising products help do just that,” Ofori explains. “I love using argan oil as well as avocado and grapeseed oil to help lock in the moisture. These oils are really good for your hair and help keep your afro shiny.”


Ofori swears by moisturisers that have either coconut oil, shea butter and other moisturising properties to keep her natural hair looking its best.


Wear protective hairstyles: When it comes to looking after your natural hair, Ofori explains that wearing protective hairstyles really helps to keep natural hair in tip-top shape.


“When it comes to changing up your hairstyles, it’s important to keep your natural hair in an environment that promotes growth,” Ofori remarks. “So, braids and cornrows and other hairstyles that protect your natural hair will be the best way to ensure growth and healthy hair.”


Section out your hair while combing: When it comes to combing your natural hair, Ofori states that sectioning your hair during this process is incredibly important. “Don’t just take a comb and comb it,” she says. “Section it into four sections and then comb each section separately and give it a lot of love – it will make all of the difference.”


Never sleep with your afro out: Finally, Ofori says that ensuring it is cared for during sleep is an important part of the process.


“Never sleep with your afro out,” Ofori says. “Try to twist it out if you can. Use some of the moisturising products before bed while doing this and use them again every morning when you remove the twists from your hair. Trust me, this is a game changer.”

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