Destiny Etiko comes top in fashionista’s list of stars with poor dress sense

Lady Names Destiny Etiko, 2 Other Celebrities in Need of Personal Stylists, A Nigerian lady identified as Esther Chioma (@xclusively_xter) recently made a list of some female Nigerian celebrities that she believes need to up their fashion game.

In a video that she initially shared on Tiktok, Chioma took her time explaining what she felt was wrong with these celebrity styles.

In her list comprising of three ladies – Simi, DJ Cuppy and actress Destiny Etiko, Chioma advised them to get personal stylists in order to dress better.

Starting from bottom to top, check out Chioma’s comments about all three ladies below:


3. DJ Cuppy

“People have been talking for a long time and it just looks like she doesn’t care. But I feel like she has to care. I mean, she has a personal brand, a personal image to maintain. There is always something wrong with Cuppy’s attire. Whenever she puts something on, you’re always going to see one fault in it. She needs to do better, either get a stylist or try to understand the concept of styling.”



2. Simi

“I love Simi but when it comes to fashion, she just doesn’t cut it and I believe that the issue with her is that she doesn’t understand her body type. Everybody has a body type, what is going to fit A will not fit B. I believe that if Simi understands her body type or gets a stylist that will help her achieve that, her fashion game is going to be A1.”


1. Destiny Etiko

“Destiny has a very attractive body but when it comes to dressing this body in a very classy and elegant way, she scores an F. In an era of ‘rich aunty vibes’, she continuously gives ‘cheap aunty vibes’. She tries to hold on to the BBL fashion – that is, always wearing tight-fitted clothes but there are ways to achieve this and still look expensive.”


Watch the video below:




Social media users react to the trending video


“Is no news naa. Destiny Etiko na very local girl.”


“Destiny can wear aba clothes”


“Someone said Destiny should be brand ambassador for made in Aba and Onitsha clothes. “


“Etiko Na Igbo made queen…. day girl is too local Jesus”


“Sooo true.. list goes on. These days stores like zara will kip u popping without u breaking the bank. Under 100 dollars, u look stunning. Fashion isn’t about high price tag. Also ,u hv to hv Fashion sense. “

The content creator also got slammed by internet users


“See fashion police sef “


“Coming from someone looking like thrift vendor with her boler cap.”


“The person talking whatsup with this your cap abeg? “

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