Different Kinds Of Women Were Planted In Hotels Where Obi Lodged To Entrap Him –Labour Party

In an exclusive interview with Vanguard News, the Labour Party, through a member of its Presidential Campaign Council, has revealed that opposition parties, especially the ruling All Progressives Congress, have allegedly deployed numerous tricks to ‘sabotage’ its Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi before, during and after the election.

Speaking with Vanguagrd News, the source who doesn’t want their name mentioned in the press in order to not jeopardize internal investigations revealed that attacks against the Labour Party Presidential Candidate did not just start after the election.


The source disclosed that the LP Presidential Campaign Council has been made aware of several plots to sabotage its candidate since the campaign started. Even though many of the plots had failed, the source added that the saboteurs are intensifying their efforts post-election to distract Obi from the court process and flee the country.


Speaking on some of the ways opposition party had tried to sabotage Peter Obi’s candidacy, the source disclosed that different kinds of women had been planted at hotels where Obi lodged in a bid to entrap him during the election.

“They tried by stationing all kinds of women at hotels where our candidate lodged during the campaigns that failed” –the source mentioned.


The source added that the saboteurs have been going though records of Obi’s financial dealings and bank accounts and they have found nothing incriminating.

‘They have been going through records of his financial dealings and bank accounts. They have found nothing incriminating. They tried bringing up the Panama papers that also failed to stick, then they resorted to the oldest trick in the book-wire tapping’ –said the source.


On the same note, the Chief Spokesperson of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council, Dr Yunusa Tanko disclosed that the opposition party is orchestrating a plot to discredit and delegitimize Obi.

“It is difficult to fathom and regrettably unfortunate that state institutions have become part of a well calculated, deliberate and orchestrated campaign of calumny by the APC to discredit and delegitimize Mr Peter Obi and compel him to abandon his right to seek redress in court…” –he said.


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