Dj Zinhle respond to Musa Khawula calling her a lesbian this is what she said

Ntombezinhle Jiyane (born December 30, 1983) is a South African DJ, producer, media personality, and businesswoman, who is better known by her stage name DJ Zinhle. Zinhle has also pursued an acting career. She made her on-screen debut as a judge in Jika MaJika, Idols South Africa, Turn It On, and 1’s and 2′ (2021) and appeared as a guest on the television series eKasi: Our Stories (2011), Play Your Part (2012), Tropika Island (2012), The Close Up, and Rhythm City.


Like many bloggers, Musa Khawula has received criticism for the content he posts on social networking sites, particularly on Twitter. Some of the things he shares have received a lot of negative feedback, and on one occasion, he has been sued. Who is Musa Khawula? He is a controversial blogger who describes himself as the Pope of Pop Culture and is recognized for the hot gossip he keeps sharing. Yet, the social media sensation is somewhat mysterious when he is offline.


DJ Zinhle responded to Musa Khawula for calling her a lesbian on one of his YouTube videos that he usually posts. After Dj Zinhle saw the video she took it upon herself to respond to the video as she doesn’t understand the meaning of him calling a lesbian.



In The video of Dj Zinhle that was shared on social media, Dj Zinhle is addressing the issue of Musa Khawula calling her a lesbian Dj Zinhle is saying Musa calling her a lesbian does it have to bought her, is there a problem with lesbians because she’s found messages people tagging her saying Musa called her a lesbian. She continues to say did Musa say this people he wanted to offend her, because she is not offended by that.



To be honest Musa needs to stop what she is doing trying to humiliate celebrities every chance he gets. This is one of the reasons why Moshe beat him up. Is because he doesn’t have respect for other people.

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