Dress Recreation: Fashion Lovers Unimpressed With Lady’s Attempt at Replicating Asoebi Style

Dress Recreation: Fashion Lovers Unimpressed With Lady’s Attempt at Replicating Asoebi Style, Nigerian fashion lovers have reacted with mixed feelings after a gorgeous lady attempted to replicate one of celebrity designer, Veekee James’ popular creations.

The popular designer is responsible for the popular one structure sleeved asoebi look that has since flooded the Nigerian fashion scene.


Just recently, a lady joined the trend and attempted to recreate the look but it appears not everyone was impressed.

Asoebi fashion blogger, @asoebi_styles shared a collage of the look and recent recreation done in purple.


While the style is known for the structured wide band sleeve, the lady who made her own version in two-tone purple, added a fringe touch to the sleeve, replacing the sheer fabric around the neckline and the other sleeve, with purple fabric.

See post below:


However, not so many people found the replication impressive as they tagged it busy.

Check out some comments below:


“They are both fine but different your tailor is over sabi bye o.”


“The tailor of the pic 2 dress is from Mummy GO’s church.”


“What I got it too busy.. colour combo doesn’t sit well..”


“Whoever made What I got is a fashion designer with a touch of Sura-d-tailor.”


” oversabi do the second one.”


“I love it but my problem is with the round thing. What I ordered own is lying down perfectly on her shoulder . Where is the what I got own running to ‍♀️”


“The what I go tailor get ITK cool anyways.”


“She tried o but sometimes less is more.”


“People need to understand that by the time you combine different styles all in one cloth, Next thing you know you’re looking like something else ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️”

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