Dress Recreations: Internet Users Applaud Nigerian Designers over 3 Stunning Style Replications

Dress Recreations: Internet Users Applaud Nigerian Designers over 3 Stunning Style Replications, While it is common to see people fail terribly at dress recreations, it does not take away from the fact that Nigeria is home to a lot of incredibly talented fashion designers.

This week saw some designers shutting down the notion that style recreations shouldn’t be a thing.

From viral asoebi trends to foreign styles, these designers made sure to come through with the talent!

Check out some looks below:

Look 1

This gorgeous ebony beauty was certainly a happy client when she got exactly what she ordered in this shimmery caped green dress with a headpiece.


Designer applauded


“Yes according their body “


“I love recreation more , #shape❤️”


“Nigeria designers are great minds . Beautiful recreation.”


Look 2

When the white George bridal dress first surfaced, it immediately went viral with several other brides jumping on the look. However, this recent recreation seems to have won the Bop Recreation title.


Netizens hail tailor


“This tailor deserves all the accolades.”


“%. Omo the tailor is.”


“Nigerian tailors are doing amazingly well.”


Look 3

This wideband sleeve is one of the most popular asoebi trends in recent times. However, not everyone seems to get it or earn the applause of internet users like this belle who replicated the design.








“Recreation doesn’t need to be as perfect as the inspiration.. it’s lovely and unique in its own way.”


” Simpler and prettier.”


“Wow, it’s so nice.”

Well, it goes without saying that this week’s collection of dress recreations left quite a lot of people impressed and earned Nigerian designers some accolades!

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