Evacuate Nigerians in Ukraine: Williams Uchemba slams FG’s apporach to situation

Evacuate Our People in Ukraine: Williams Uchemba Slams Nigerian Government’s Approach to Helping Her Citizens, Movie star, Williams Uchemba is the latest celebrity to share his views about the Nigerian government’s approach to the security situation between Ukraine and Russia.

The actor slammed the government for telling its citizen to remain calm and protect themselves when other countries have swung into the action of taking helping their peoples.

Uchemba made the comments via his Instagram story channel and said it is not a dialog issue but a full-blown military operation:

“Countries have been evacuating their citizens for weeks now and my country is asking her citizens to “remain calm and protect themselves” from missiles?”

He further called on the agency involved to start the process and stop treating the issue with levity because Nigeria is seen as joke to the rest of the world.

Check out his post below:


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Nigerians have reacted differently to Williams Uchemba’s message to the Nigerian government.

some of the comments, read below:


“I swear they see Nigerians as jokers.”


“The question is, do all of the Nigerians in Ukraine want to leave? To go where? The alternative is Nigeria… will you guarantee their comfort?”


“Please let’s lend our voices oo, my friends are there and it’s tougher than what we are seeing or hearing in the News.”


“Honestly I still can’t believe I’m from this joke of a country.”


“Country that couldn’t look after her citizen during Covid u wan dey advice during war.”


“Country that has failed his citizens from the very beginning, it’s a pity.”

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