EXPOSED|check out this nurse who got exposed after she said she is single with no kids

The main responsibility of a nurse is to provide physical care, prevent disease, and treat medical issues for patients. In order to achieve this, nurses must watch over and monitor the patient, and they must note any pertinent data to support therapeutic decision-making.

Nurses encourage the promotion of health, inform patients and the public on how to avoid illness and injury, care for patients and help with treatment, take part in rehabilitation, and offer support. No other health care provider has such a wide-ranging and important responsibility.

But with all the love and care they give , they too needs love in their lives, which brings me to this nurse who posted that she is single with no children looking for a man, but her post backfires when people felt I was unnecessary to post a picture in a bikini while others found a picture of her wearing a wedding ring, this caused a stir on social media.


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