Family welcome triplets, appreciate God, pray for those who want same

The father of newborn triplets, Hamzat Lawal, has appreciated God for the blessing He gave his family

Lawal asked for God’s guidance among other things for him and his wife as they go on the journey of parenting the kids

Nigerians congratulated the parents as some expressed their own needs for children

A Nigerian man, Hamzat Lawal, has taken to Twitter to celebrate the birth of his three children, saying the blessing happened three months ago.

Hamzat went ahead to ask for God’s continued protection and blessings for his home. He also prayed that may all those wanting the same fruitfulness will get theirs too soon.

The man shared beautiful snaps of the babies as a mark of celebration. The 3-month-old kids were arranged in different poses to achieve great photoshoot.

In one of the photos, the children, sleeping, were dressed in black bow ties and placed on a bed of fur.

The man’s post has generated massive reaction on Twitter, gathering over 17,000 likes and hundreds of replies. compiled some of the reactions below:

@msughterthomas said:

“I tap from your blessings sir, we have been searching for over TEN YEARS now.”
@Teabb11 said:

“Wow! Congratulations!!!Party popperClapping hands sign. This will not pass me by, by the special grace of God Folded hands. The world will rejoice with me too. Very, very soon. Amen.”
@nwaegbe_nkem said:

“How did you get the fourth picture? Congratulations Bouquet.”

@Raheema4U said:

“Masha Allah. Congratulations Clapping hands sign. May Allah bless them and make the children the coolness of your eyes. May the family be grateful to Allah. Your wife don try.”
@MayaachiYoo said:

“OMG… You are one of the luckiest men in the world. This is a special blessing that only a few get. You should thank God all the time because this is so special. Wow.”