Famous Influencer Kefilwe Mabote Is Got Married

Woke up to this! Congratulations to Kefilwe one composed and classy lady in the “ industry” who you’ll never hear arguing on lives over some dumb ish.

The famous Instagram influencer Kefilwe Mabote surprises her fans today as she announces her Lobaka negotiations.


  • You deserve it Kefi Congratulations to Kefilwe on her lobola I truly love this for her. Western men don’t waste time if they like it they will put a ring on it.
  • I literally know someone who got lobola within 5 months of a relationship. Those men know what they want.
  • I’m here for Kefilwe’s friendship circle because not even the gossip blogs could smell it out
  • It’s better to brush cows than show people your man darling!
  • I hear her 😊😭😭 for me at some point it was cute, and then it started looking weird because it went on for too long, i don’t know


  • out.

source: https://t.co/ixnM2sNfcV

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