Fine girl with shiny skin talks smartly about fish, adults hail her in video

Una Dey Use Internet Children Play? Intelligent Little Girl With Shiny Black Skin Challenges Adult in Video, A smart little girl who correctly used her head to challenge adults who wanted to deceive her has been sighted on Instagram.

The girl whose name is not immediately clear, refused to agree that fish is a monster as she promptly pointed that out without mincing words.


How it happened

In the viral video, an adult could be heard talking to the little girl with obviously the aim to scare her.


There were fresh fish poured on the ground and the adult told the girl that the fish were monsters.


However, those present in the scene were stunned when the girl refused to accept that as she clearly pointed out with a very clear voice that what was in front of her was fish, not monster.


Watch the video below:




Instagram users react


@ugoccie said:

“She said “nah not today.”


@wtrace1 reacted:

“Una Dey use internet children play? These ones wey Dey play game for phone.”


@emp_boston9876 commented:

“She’s smart ehn … She’s not even 2 yet.”


@enyinniia commented:

“If na me that year I go don run.”



“Smart girl,don’t mind that Aunty ..She’s whining you …..she doesn’t know you love fish.”



“This one dae enter kitchen with e mama wella.”



“She is intelligent and beautiful.”


@proudmouthcomedy reacted:

“Ojuju for my village is called fish.”


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