From A Two-bedroom House To Eight Rooms, The Young Star Constructed His Mothers Dream House

In December of last year, he poured his blood, sweat, and tears into his jobs with one aim in mind: to get his mother out of her two-bedroom home.



It has all paid off, and he is now fulfilling a promise he made as a child by constructing her ideal home. His mother only desired for him to succeed in life and not place so much burden on himself at such a young age.


The amapiano star, however, was set on this. Mfana Ka Gogo, whose true name is Sipho Mbonambi, takes satisfaction in making his mother happy. The Amapiano star explains to Drum how sharing a two-bedroom home with his mother motivated him to pursue his ambitions with vigor.


He claims the year 2022 taught him to be a sensible young man. He did so in fact. Many people on social media are really proud of him as it is rare to find such in today’s generation.


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