Girl 10 arrived at hosp 5 mos pregnant, drs were stunned & screamed in fear when they learned this

The 10-year-old girl, who was not recognized owing to her age, only weighed 75 pounds, according to the prosecution.


The young girl informed the authorities that she believed she had a tumor, but she is actually pregnant as a result of a ra-e. When she was taken to the hospital right away because of stomach discomfort, doctors found out she was five months pregnant. It wasn’t until the girl’s mother brought her to a public health clinic under the impression that she had a tumor that the pregnancy was found. Authorities have also placed the mother under arrest because they think she encouraged her daughter’s mistreatment. According to reports, the girl’s mother asked for an abortion for her daughter but was turned down.


In connection with the rape of the 10-year-old girl who was pregnant, the defendant and stepfather of the victim, 42-year-old Zarate, was apprehended and placed into custody. She was reportedly denied an abortion, according to the prosecution. The teenage girl, who was five months pregnant and on the run for 15 days, is charged with being raped by Zarate. However, because of Paraguay’s pro-life policies, the government has denied the victim an abortion. According to the Mirror, Zarate believed he was innocent and had been set up by his lover.

He might receive a 15-year sentence if found guilty of ra-e. I’ll take whatever test to prove it wasn’t me, he declared. I’ve had a ton of relationships with women, but I’ve never had children. The man had been arrested, according to a statement from the police. The case has greatly fueled national debate regarding the nation’s staunch anti-abortion position. The girl, whose identity has been withheld, was receiving treatment in a special ward for expectant children at the Red Cross Hospital, and humanitarian organizations claim that her “tiny” 75-pound frame could put her health at risk during pregnancy.

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