Gospel Artist Breaks Silence About Struggling As Music Industry Turns Its Back On Him


He was among the most well-known and well-liked gospel artists in the nation. His songs were often played on the radio, and he had a full schedule of engagements.

Then, apparently out of nowhere, his existence began to disintegrate little by little into its component parts. He was involved in a contentious divorce on top of everything else, including the loss of his home and vehicles.

According to him, it was all because he had criticised gospel performers for their lack of love for one another.

As he begins to speak about a comeback, which began when supporters contributed money to him, he begins to conceive of his bad years as a targeted assault following the burial of artist Lundi.

Following an interview with the SABC, gospel performer Sechaba Pali has been all over the internet for the last few days.

As soon as he catches up to him, he has the impression that he has spoken all he possibly could about his fall, but he nonetheless begins to share part of what he has been through. During the interview that went viral, he said that there are certain people who are attempting to end both his life and his career as a musician.

In order to pursue a career in gospel music, Sechaba relocated from his homeland in Free State to Johannesburg. Even though he had a difficult beginning, he found joy in his work.


The Ke Matla singer claims that most of his problems began during lockdown, when musicians were unable to perform and became possessive over certain gigs they were offered. It was then that he became aware that some individuals were secretly planning his demise due to the fact that they still harboured resentment toward him for the time that he criticised gospel musicians for not loving each other.

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