“Happy birthday homie” Zizo Tshwete celebrates baby daddy in recent post

As you get older you tend to appreciate life more than when you were young. You understand that important of family and how much they mean to a person. Things such as birthdays are celebrated because the signify life that God has given us.

Mayi Tshwete is a South African businessman and politician. He became famous for being the spokespersons for former minister Malusi Gigaba. He paved his way and managed to not get shadowed by his late father’s work. He is a father of two boys, VK and Akha. He takes pride in raising these two boys and makes sure to spend time with them. One of this things he likes to do with them is hiking.


He is celebrating his birthday and one thing he chose to be grateful for were his children. He shared pictures of himself with them he is holding a small people in both pictures.


Zizo wrote him a cute post celebrating him. It is good to see them getting along with each other.





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