“He would have Been Alive only if this man was present – Mzansi Reacts to AKA’s Murder Case

Some of AKA’s friends and many of his fans are still rejoicing over the loss of the musician. Many of them come back to watch the footage one more time. Many of them noticed that Carlito, AKA’s no-nonsense bodyguard, was not with him that day.

Whenever Carlito is in supermega, people around learn to stay away. A popular netizen wrote, “Carlito is protecting the family, I know if you were here you wouldn’t let him go like this.” Meanwhile, another person believed to be an AKA security guard was injured in the shooting last week. Most celebrities don’t go anywhere without their security information. But to be a vigilante, you have to be willing to take a bullet. Ryan Brotheton, a security expert, said a security guard would be willing to put his life on the line for the person they were protecting.


He said that’s where the guards he was with made a mistake. Carlito is famous for protecting AKA. He added that at some point Carlito will check all those who want to take a picture with AKA before taking the picture, that’s how difficult it is, and I don’t want to talk about Don’s design. I fear for his life, he may be in danger because many people think he is behind him.

A social media person said, “Still can’t believe that no one fell on the ground looking at AKA immediately after the shooting!! No one picked him up.” look where he was shot or something…it breaks my heart. The man was so close that no one even moved his hand or accused him.” Carlito will be heartbroken.






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