Heartbreaking || ANC Leader Was Raped And Killed, See What Was Found In Her Body, RIP

A family has been left heartbroken after their member was painfully killed. The way women are being killed daily in this country it has left many people with fear.

A woman in Johannesburg, Soweto was found dead at am open Fuels. Zamangwane Luvuno who is aged twenty eight was an ANC activist and member of ANC youth league and of the Soweto parliament. Her body was found at an open field with three gunshot wound and her skill fructured.


She was found naked which reveals that a lot happened before she was killed and it was said that she was raped. The twenty eight year old woman was a mother and her children had been expecting a lot from her. There is absolutely no one who can heal so easily on the death of a loved who died this painful way. Even though a person died because of sickness, people are forever reminded about their desth. The pain of losing someone is the kind that does not fade away hut people are expected to live with it.



The twenty eight year old woman has been described as a loving woman who loved her family wholeheartedly and accommodated everyone in her life. She has been described as the woman who had a great vision and impacted positively on the lives of those who were around her. Her family did reveal that her death has brought nothing but pain and it will not be easy to move on with their lives. It’s sad that her life was ended so shortly while her family had thoughts of witnessing her success.


At this point, her children must be heartbroken where they are. It is believed that her death was politically motivated however no one has been arrested in connection with her death. Her death has touched a lot of people and others say that the person responsible for her death should be found and dealt with. The life of her family members will never be the same and they will forever be heartbroken. What is your take on this matter?, Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.Please note that the first picture is for illustration purposes.



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