Here is what was happening In prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s church last sunday

Shepherd Bushiri also known as Major 1 is a Malawian, Christian preacher, self proclaimed prophet, businessman, motivational speaker, and author. He escaped South Africa alongside his wife, following the release by bail.


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a Spiritual Leader serving God as the Founding President of the Enlightened Christian Gathering International. Many thought it will be the end of this assembly because its headquarters were in the Republic of South Africa.


Ever since he went home, he has been trying to rebuild its ministry and everything things coming along the way. The past Sunday, there was a Sunday school graduation ceremony with prophet Shepherd Bushiri preceding it.


“Congratulations Sunday school graduates – class 2022 for your remarkable achievements of learning basic biblical studies and prayer. Thousands of young children graduated from different levels across the globe and are going into next classes next year.”, says Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.


Clearly he’s settling well in Malawi and it seems like the headquarters might relocate to Malawi from South Africa.





Content created and supplied by: Mukona94 (via Opera News )


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