Here Is Why This Lady ID Left People In Disbelief On Social Media

South Africans have once more left in disbelief after a post which grabbed the attention of many social media users. In the post, a social media user posted on his page about founding a lost ID.

The lost ID which the man found has left man people talking and asking a lot of questions about the information on the ID. According to the face on the ID, it is obvious that it belongs to a female South African, but what’s more suspicious and thrilling is the issue date and her date of birth. According to the ID, it says she was brought into the world on 17th of February, 2000.

People have taken to their various accounts to react on the post. Some where saying it’s a fake ID, whole others questioned why a girl born in the year 2000 have to look like that. Another social media commented by saying that, “He understands she was 19-years-old when she was issued the ID, but there are no more green cards for children born in 2000”.

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Content created and supplied by: Mafhungo (via Opera News )

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