House of Zwide: This is how Ona will be revealed as The Zwide’s long lost Daughter

House of Zwide: This is how Ona will be revealed as The Zwide’s long lost Daughter, For the past two decades, Onalerona’s mother has been missing after she was murdered by her father’s ex-girlfriend out of jealousy when she was a little girl. Funani has been scouring Nkosi’s recollections of the day of the fire in an effort to learn more about what transpired.

There was a 29-year gap between Funani’s call to the detective who handled the case and the detective’s assertion that the report was correct. Faith, Nkosi’s stepmother, tried everything to protect Funani from knowing the truth about what she had done, but her ex-lover and now ex-boyfriend, Isaac Molapo, was able to get the psychologist fired. A new problem has emerged, however. The detective asks for more money in order to keep his mouth shut.



Now that his wife had died, the detective had nothing to lose. On his most recent visit to House of Zwide, he wanted to meet Funani and insisted that until he saw him, there would be no more visits. To try and resolve the situation, Faith stepped in immediately after Faith refused to meet his demand of R1 million rand. Funani was in the middle of a business meeting at the time, so the timing couldn’t have been better.


Funani may not be affected by the events involving her daughter, but he is worried with the investigations going on beneath the surface. In order to continue his investigation without interference, he is attempting to solicit the assistance of everyone he suspects of being involved.


You can find Ona by using the methods listed below:


He must then reflect on what his mother told him about Ona and decide what steps to take carefully before making any further moves. Funani. Ona’s DNA test, I predict, will indicate whether or not he believes they are related, and then he will tell Ona everything he knows about their relationship and his faith in it.

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