“How do I forgive myself” Bimpe Akintunde recounts her last encounter with Murphy Afolabi, opens up on their bitter-sweet work relationship

Bimpe Akintunde mourns Murphy Afolabi

Many Yoruba Nollywood stars have been paying tribute to their colleague, Murphy Afolabi who died on Sunday morning, May 14th.

But none of their epistles to him supersede that of Bimpe Akintunde who admitted her flaws with the late actor.

Bimpe Akintunde, who once worked for Murphy Afolabi, noted how he paved the way for her and supported her despite their sour relationship.

Describing him as her boss, she affirmed that there can never be Wasila Coded without him.

She recounted how she saw him at an event a week before his death and surprisingly greeted him. According to her, she never use to greet the actor and would snub him at events.

But that day she greeted him and he responded to her and never held any grudge against her. She noted how he was so patient with her, and wouldn’t react negatively when she doesn’t greet him or speak to him.

Bimpe Akintunde added that she wouldn’t have forgiven herself if she hadn’t greeted him the last time they met.

“This Man right here is my direct boss!!!! He paved the way for me!!! He supported me!!!! We were not the best of friends!!! Yes!!!! He is my boss still!!! I respect him a lot!!! There is no WASILACODED without you Omo IFATUNBI CEO FATUNS Films!!! I saw you Last Sunday night!!!! I am glad I greeted you!!! Imagine that I walked past you that night like I always will and I have been mourning you since morning!!! How do I forgive myself???? Ha!!! You are the 1st person I ever called ‘ALAYE’ Alaye!!! You were not a perfect person!!!! But no be to die naaaaa OGA MI!!!! I remember everything we shared both the good and the bad ones!!! I am one cr@zy apprentice you got and you were still very proud to call me your own!!! OLAWALE AKAMU!!!! No be so oooooo Alaye.

No be so ooooooooooo.
We got our differences but not to the existence of not seeing you again keh!! You were so patient with me, anytime I choose not to greet not talk to you, you won’t react!!! Any day my mind Greer you, You will answer with all love you have!!! This is the rudest choke!!! Ever!!! An unforgettable Sunday!!! Adieu Omo Ifatunbi Ogo Agbaye. Rest in power king”.



Regina Chukwu reveals her last memory of Murphy Afolabi

Similarly, Regina Chukwu revealed her last memory of her male colleague, Murphy Afolabi.

In a post on her Instagram page, the Yoruba actress revealed that her last memory of the actor was his support for her during her housewarming party.


She recounted how Murphy went all out for her during the party and even went extra mile to contact a close friend of hers to get to her.

“So it’s TRUE????

Your last memory of you for me will be how you supported during my party.

How you do call and even when I don’t pick, you went ahead to call someone close, just cos you wanted to support me. Honestly, I am broken.

Sun re o Murphy Afolabi”.

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