“How Much Is This Coffin?”- People We’re Left With Questions After What They Spotted On This Coffin

South Africans endured one of their darkest days yesterday as they laid to rest their beloved singer Mampintsha. Mampintsha had a stroke last week and died on Sunday. Not everyone who saw him on his casket yesterday was ready to accept that he was actually dead. It was reported that his funeral was one of the most expensive in history due to the large number of mourners in attendance. Half of all expenses are on the government, and they’re willing to pay it.


A white coffin with a golden accent was used to lay Mampiywq to rest, making his casket one of the most elegant and fashionable ever made. This coffin was clearly incredibly expensive, as it was golden when most celebrity caskets are white. Social media users, however, were not so forgiving, stating that the family and government had squandered money on the burial when there were so many people in need.


After all that, many are curious about the cost of this coffin on social media. The cost has been requested. Many were taken aback when mourners inquired as to the cost of a casket, but those who did so said that they did so since the government was covering some of the expenses.


Some topics are private and should only be discussed amongst immediate family members, and I feel it’s inappropriate to inquire about the cost of a coffin. African-Americans spend a disproportionately large sum on funerals as a means of comforting themselves. The price of the casket makes no difference at this point in time; the anguish is the same whether it costs R1 million or R1000. It’s hopeless at this point; no amount of money will bring it back. Please pray for his soul.


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