“How my fiancee dumped me over my comment on Tonto Dikeh’s marital issues with Churchill” Comedian Baba De Baba spills, shares their heartbreaking chat

Baba De Baba weighs into Tonto and Churchill drama

Comedian, Baba De Baba has been dunked by his fiancee over his comment on actress, Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill’s never ending marital drama.

Kemi Filani reported on Monday that had dropped his two cents on the estranged couple’s unending marital drama.

Baba De Baba stated that Tonto has learnt her lesson in a hard way and is ready to amend her ways with Churchill.


Despite the draggings, he believes that if Churchill gives Tonto greenlight, she would happily become his second wife.

He noted how the actress has been into several relationships, since their breakups, and as seen that there is nothing outside.

Shifting his attention to Churchill, he offered him a piece of advice on how to tame Tonto. He admonished the businessman to stop her from drinking alcohol as it makes Tonto Dikeh misbehave. Read more here.

In an update to it, Baba De Baba claimed that his fiancee has broken up with him for his unsolicited advice.

The comedian shared the heartbroken chats where she told him she claimed that her mother told her to cut ties with him over his insensitive comment.

According to her, she isn’t capable of handling the negativity that comes with dating a celebrity as the backlash on him has been too embarrassing for her.

All his efforts to settle things with her and amend their relationship proved abortive as his fiancee made it clear that the relationship was beyond repair.

Baba De Baba, who doesn’t seem too bothered with the breakup, stated that he isn’t in a hurry to get married and as such, isn’t pained by the breakup.

Expressing gratitude that he already has a son, he revealed that he just wants to have another child and be done with women.

“Madam served me breakfast this early morning because of Tonto Dikeh.

Thank God I already have a son… marriage no kuku dey hungry…. I just want to have two children and I’m fine.

If I see who go just born one pikin for me now, I will he done with women”.


Baba De Baba dumped by fiancee

Baba De Baba dumped by fiancee

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