How People Reacted To Song Of The Year 2022 From Different Radio Stations

It is the 1st of January 2023 and this is the year that some have been eagerly waiting for. We know that this happens most of the time if one has had a bad year. It is just a feeling of having a new year and starting all over and maybe it would be better. However, before the new year, many things happen and one of the most important thing in ushering in the new year is having a song of the year. This is a song that takes people to the new year.

For the longest time, there has been an outcry that there should be one song of the year for the whole country and it looks like that will never happen. It looks like it will always be a thing of different provinces how they choose the song of the year. In previous years it used to be one song of the year but not anymore and this could be so because of the kind of artists that we now have. There are now more options to choose from hence there is a deviation from having just one song of the year.


2022 was not different at all. Some parts of the country ushered the new year with songs different from the rest of the country. We know that in Limpopo it was King Monada who took it and in KwaZulu-Natal, it was BigNuz with all these different radio stations. But one of the most notable things about this is that the Zulu people are now being called tribalists because they chose the song of the year by the Zulu people. But the same does not apply to Limpopo people who have chosen the song of the year by one of their own.



On Metro FM it was Sete, even Motsweding, Ligwalagwala, and Tru FM. But they are not considered to be tribalists at all. Some people are not happy about this and the reason why some people would always say that people from KwaZulu-Natal are tribalist is that they always think that they are more important than other people. It’s their way or the highway.


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