I Couldn’t Leave My Child With a Maid, Aki Na Ukwa Star Oby Kechere Says As She Makes Big Nollywood Comeback

I Couldn’t Leave My Child With a Maid, Aki Na Ukwa Star Oby Kechere Says As She Makes Big Nollywood Comeback, 19 years after joining the duo of Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme for the humour-rich production, Kechere in an interview Adeyinka Odutuyo shares reasons for choosing family over her love for acting.

Kechere recounts:

“I had a baby and had to devote time to my daughter. In the process, I also got a job at the National Orientation Agency in Abuja and ever since then I faced my work with just a little involvement in movie productions here and there.”

Balancing career and family

On the challenges of striking a balance between career and family, the actress explained that it’s impossible for anyone to be fully involved in both.

“Your career is there and as a family woman, you will eventually have to devote your time to one, especially if you want to have a good home. The way I was brought up, I had this family thing around me and I just couldn’t afford to leave my daughter at the mercy of a maid. You can’t compare your career to bringing up your children.”

The actress stressed the importance of being in sync with one’s husband and getting the go-ahead to take certain decisions.

“You have to get permission from your husband. You can’t rub shoulders with the man because it then becomes a problem. To strike a balance, the man must be supportive and when he is, you shouldn’t take it for granted. You really have to do your bit as a woman by being there for your kids when they need you most. You should have productions around you and not jump from one state to another while living your kids to suffer in the hands of house helps. When the kids come of age, you can consider productions but don’t neglect your family and expect them to understand because you are an actress.”

What motherhood feels like

On the joys of motherhood, Kechere describes it as a refreshing feeling that every woman should experience. She equally disclosed that her daughter has an eye for acting.

“I feel so loved. You know, seeing a whole human being come out of you is wonderful. God has been so faithful and I’ll say it’s so refreshing to be a mother. My daughter has also acted in movies. She made an appearance in a production when she was about two. I would want her to act, but she’s always telling me she wants to be an engineer. Along the line, I know that even if she follows that path, I’ll still want her to act.”

With years away from the scene, Kechere while fielding a question about confronting the changes in Nollywood maintained that raw talent cannot be overruled even with the introduction of sophisticated equipment or Netflix-standard productions.

“There’s no denying that Nollywood has changed but it’s not beyond talent. Even when you have sophisticated cameras and top-notch locations, talent is still needed. You can’t equate talent with any other thing. If you are not good as an actress, you are not good. The equipment cannot act for you, deliver your lines or interpret your roles for you. So I’ll say the industry is changing but talent cannot be overruled.”

What fans should expect

Kechere added that in her absentia, she brought herself up to speed by reading books, watching movies and taking notes about what can be done better in her acting. The actress said that fans should expect a different version of herself as she makes a return to movie screens.

“Fans should expect a big bang. A lot of them have been asking when I’ll be back and others saying they have missed my face. Now that my daughter is of age, I’m returning in a bag way. I’m working on a project at the moment so they should watch out.”

On her noticeable absence in the reloaded version of Aki Na Ukwa, Kechere disclosed that she wasn’t consulted.

“The producer might have his reasons for doing that but I definitely still have a good relationship with Osita and Chinedu. They are still my friends.”

Baring her mind on the assumptions that actresses sleep around to afford the luxury lifestyle they portray on social media, Kechere had this to say:

“I wonder how many men an actress has to sleep with to afford a rich lifestyle. Come to think of it, are the actors not equally showing off a wealthy lifestyle? Does this mean they are also sleeping around? This is just the typical Nigerian mentality. You have to understand that these people are artistes and it’s not only acting that gives them money. If you look around, you will discover that most of these actresses are brand ambassadors and they get their money. They also get paid to attend social functions. So I’ll say they are working for all of these things.

“The initial assumption was that they sleep around for roles, now people are saying they sleep around to afford their lifestyles. I personality don’t believe it. I mean, if you are working you will get your money, so why won’t you live a comfortable life? For now, I’ll say the industry is also lucrative. Although what is happening now isn’t what happened back in the days. I’ve been an actress and I can say it opens other doors for you.”

On a final note, Kechere reassured her fans and supporters that she doesn’t plan to let them down now that she’s back.

“I love you guys and I want you all to just wait for me. Be rest assured that I’m coming back and won’t let you down. I’m not on Instagram for now but you can catch up with me on Facebook.”

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