“I wish my father forgave me before his death” Murphy Afolabi’s first child shed hot tears at his funeral (Video)

Murphy Afolabi's son

Nollywood actor and movie producer, Murphy Afolabi’s first son has begged for his forgiveness.

The actor’s son during his funeral on Monday, revealed that he offended his father before his death, but never got to apologize.

He disclosed that he saw his father a month before his death ad he had surprisingly given him a hefty amount of money and told him to bring his daughter and wife. Unknowingly to him, he was seeing his father for the last time.

Despite it all, he appreciated the late actor for being a father to him.


“He was a father to me, I appreciate all that he did for me. Even though I offended him, he should forgive me wherever he is. When I saw him last month, he never told me he is leaving me. He gave me over N100,000 and told me to go bring my wife and day”.



Bimpe Akintunde recounts her last encounter with Murphy Afolabi

Also speaking out on his death was his junior colleague and former student, Bimpe Akintunde, whose tribute to him stood out the most.

Bimpe Akintunde, who once worked for Murphy Afolabi, noted how he paved the way for her and supported her despite their sour relationship.


Describing him as her boss, she affirmed that there can never be Wasila Coded without him.

She recounted how she saw him at an event a week before his death and surprisingly greeted him. According to her, she never use to greet the actor and would snub him at events.


But that day she greeted him and he responded to her and never held any grudge against her. She noted how he was so patient with her, and wouldn’t react negatively when she doesn’t greet him or speak to him.

Bimpe Akintunde added that she wouldn’t have forgiven herself if she hadn’t greeted him the last time they met….

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