I’m tired of the cheating: Korra Obidi’s oyinbo husband gives reason for divorce

Korra Obidi’s Husband Justin Blows Hot, Accuses Wife of Cheating Among Other Reasons for Divorce, Popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi’s American husband, Justin Dean, has now shared reasons why he wants to divorce his wife.

It is no longer news that the celebrity couple are going through serious issues, just days after Korra welcomed their second child.

Taking to a comment section on social media, Justin who earlier announced their divorce, listed some things that were not right in the marriage.

Justin Dean accuses Korra of cheating

The father of two noted that Korra cheats on him. In his post, he said he was tired of her cheating, lack of accountability and narcissism.

Not stopping there, Justin explained that he had been trying to make their marriage work since 2018 and that whenever he doesn’t do exactly what she says, she divorces him.

Justin also added that he had been a prisoner that has his family used against him whenever Korra didn’t get what she wanted.

See his comment below:



Internet users react to Justin’s revelation

Korra and Justin’s marriage was greatly admired by people with many of them praying for things to work out between the couple.

Fans had a lot to say about Justin’s cheating accusations against Korra. Read some of their comments below:


“Start the process pls..let’s rest.”


“She resemble person wey go like knacks. And white uncle does not have the facilities for that .”


“Why she Dey cheat ?”


“The truth is, when people come to social media like this, alot of times it’s because they have suffered for so long in silence without dealing with the anger. They take everything thrown at then till they can do it anymore. Then they scream (social media). I hope this guy heals, I wish Korra all the best too. They both deserve haha.”


“Nawa ooo … So this isn’t a joke or prank? so sad.”


“I refuse to believe they are breaking up Never pls! Oyinbo, you cannot leave our sister ooo. Abeg.”


“Emotional manipulation is one of my biggest turn off in a relationship so if that’s the case, then I understand him wanting to leave. This is sad.”


“Obviously he was just waiting for her to put to bed safely before he strikes, you can tell that he’s the weaker one in the marriage, so this is actually the right time for him to flex his muscles because now kora just gave birth and she’s still in a vulnerable state. Our Inlaw after letting out all your frustrations and anger, please settle with her, we your in-laws have heard you, we will talk to her and she will change. All the best to you both.”

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