It is better to have a child with a partner you don’t love: Yvonne advises

Have a Child With Someone You Don’t Love: Yvonne Nelson Stirs Reactions With Advice to Prospective Parents` Popular Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson is making headlines after she shared her opinion about having children.

During an interview with Hitz FM, Yvonne said it was better and advisable for people to have children with people they are not in love with.


According to the Ghanaian actress, having a child with a partner one holds dearly would come with consequences when the other person cheats.


She stressed that if the child comes from a partner one doesn’t love, it would be easy to move one when they cheat.

The actress said:

“I feel like when you wanna have a kid, it should be even with someone you are not in love with because the moment the sole-called husband goes to cheat, you will catch feelings and start going mad”


Yvonne added that she is ready to have a second child with a man who is ready to shoulder responsibility but said it wouldn’t happen because they were in love.


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reactions from fans, see them below:



“If I no love my baby daddy how will I love my child. How can I open leg for someone I don’t love?”


“Hmmmm no give us bad advice.”


“Omo men don really show her shege be that.”


“How you take off pant for person you no love, Oya take mic and tell the congregation sister .”


“Seems this generation when to stand everything on its head. Beware where you get your advice from. Ndi nkuzi akaria umu akwukwo.”

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