Kairo, Lynn and Nadia Nakai were chilling in the Lounge waiting for AKA to finish cooking

Nadia Nakai was with her partner’s family, and AKA was the person preparing food. He loves making them as much as he made the braai show, which went into a huge dispute over who is the owner. It was resolved, and he got his shares of ownership, and when the show will feature someone, he has to be contacted about it to avoid any legal battle as they did previously.


Even though AKA knows how to cook, his partner is also good, and he learned a few things from her while he was cooking. When it comes to Mega, if you are his partner, you should be prepared that it is going to be wonderful and that Mega is someone who puts a lot of personal effort into spoiling his own partner. It is a wonderful way to get to know each other over a meal, especially for someone who is expecting to have a future with that person.


When you introduce your partner to the family, that means you are having good intentions, and then you are becoming part of the family. Life has changed, and as male partners, those who are cooking for their partners become a good challenge as to who will get to cook. Nadia, Kairo, and Lynn were chilling while Mr. Forbes was in the kitchen.



Even during family dinner, AKA is someone who has been active in the kitchen with his mother. When he was preparing the meat, he showed every step of it and what he was using from the beginning to the end. That gives his fans an opportunity to try it on their own. He will be getting a solid fan base as they are sharing recipes with one another, and it is not just the music that brings them together.

Family time is important, and having dinner together is one of the easiest ways to get together. They should do it more often, and it looks beautiful to have such moments. Many other people who are famous do not share a lot about their home lives, which is understandable given what they are trying to archive. You should be aware of what you are exposing to the public.



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