Khwezi Left Under Hot Water After Doing This To Pretty

Khwezi will lament for her activities on the grounds that right now she captured pretty Seakamela feeling that she is Pregnant,now Lehasa Maphosa found that pretty Seakamela made a fetus removal, Khwezi took an off-base action to abduct pretty in light of the fact that Eunice and Katlego realize she is answerable for pretty’s vanishing

Khwezi goals is to ensure that Lehasa Maphosa is happy,but she doesn’t realize that she will be captured, Khwezi realized that Lehasa Maphosa is risky in light of the fact that her companion told her how hazardous Lehasa Maphosa is nevertheless she would have rather not trust her.


Eunice realizes that Khwezi is perilous in light of the fact that she attempted to harm them, to that end she did whatever it takes not to go with her, presently Pretty Seakamela laments not to paying attention to Eunice.


Presently Eunice and lovely’s family are looking for herself and they will open case for capture.


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