Kids use mum’s phone to order, pay for big TV online, she punishes them in video

We Are Really Sorry, Children Say After Using Mum’s Phone to Order & Pay for Big Television, Video Goes Viral, Two kids have mistakenly used their mum’s smart phone to purchase a brand new 86 inch television on the internet.

The children were probably playing with the phone when their mum looked away and then decided to do some shopping.

The TV was delivered

The children paid for the TV properly because it has since been delivered to them. Their mother who got furious lined them up for punishment.

In a short video shared online, the angry mum was seen questioning the kids. The little lads on their parts were apologising seriously to their mum. The video was shared on Instagram by @naijaeverything.

Social media users react

Meanwhile, Instagram users have reacted to the video of the two boys in different ways. See some of the comments below:

@omachimzy said:

“You get luck say you use eyes see the order For my country ,you fit no see your money nor your order self.”

@jb_gbagbeoshi reacted:

“Money good zero balance no fit do mistake.”

@henryk_realestate said:

“The parents can return it if they don’t need, what is the big deal.”

@joy_chidinmaa reacted:

“Make them ready to drink cassava flakes till the end of this year.”

@spcokker commented:

“When I was small, my mom would have said that’s my wedding gift when I grow up.”

@endi_tall said:

“Insufficient funds left the group.”

@official_destinoo commented:

“They are really sorry indeed.”

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