“Korra will defeat her Id!otic husband” Korra Obidi’s father lashes out (Video)

American-Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi’s father has taken a swipe at her ex-husband, Justin Dean.

Korra Obidi’s sister had gone on Instagram live with her fans where she talked about Korra’s future love life.


Korra Obidi father


Some trolls had stated that it would be hard for Korra to find love again.

Laughing the comments off, she called on their dad to respond to the trolls.

Using himself as an example, Korra’s father stated that she would find true love.

Despite being a divorcee and a widower, he was able to find true love, as such, he believes his daughter would too.

Taking a swipe at her ex-husband, the father avowed that his daughter would defeat her ex.


“You have no idea what you are saying. Korra will be fine by the Grace of God. I am happy, I found true love despite being a divorcee and a widower.


Korra will be fine, she will absolutely be fine. By the power of God, she will defeat that idiot”



Korra reveals why she wouldn’t return to her ex-husband


Korra Obidi had voiced out over her failed marriage.

The dancer and all-around entertainer retained her stance on not backing out of divorce.

The mum of two stated that she wouldn’t return to her ex-husband even if she were given $20,000.


Korra admitted that tough divorce isn’t easy, but she isn’t suffering.

The dancer cum singer advised anyone in an abusive relationship to walk out of it.


“Even if you give me $20,000 I am not going back to my ex-husband. Divorce is not easy but I am not suffering. If you are in an abusive relationship. Leave”.


Korra laments over her failed marriage


The mum of two who has still not gotten over her crashed marriage took to social media to lament over why she might never get married again.

According to her, marriage is not an easy institution; despite giving it her all, it still didn’t work out.


Lamenting further, Korra said sexually, she gave her husband different styles and skillfully, she cooked well for him, but despite all these, her marriage still failed, and because of this, she will never attempt to marry again.


Korra said;

“I don’t think i can marry again, I don’t know weya it is something i can do again, because that institution, .. I tried I gave it my all, I gave it my full chest, inside that institution, mo ma cook, mo ma shake kini ye, mo ma fu ni doggy style, police style, elephant style, any style…”.


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