KWAM 1 and beautiful new wife Emmanuella serve couple goals on Instagram

5 Adorable Loved-Up Moments Between Fuji King KWAM 1 and His Beautiful New Wife Emmanuella, KWAM 1 and his beautiful wife, Emmanuella have taken every opportunity since their union in November to celebrate what they share.

One would think that since they are not exactly that young anymore, they would not have the time or energy to get lovey-dovey.

Reverse has been the case as the Fuji king and his new madam share photos and videos on Instagram with beautiful captions and loved-up moments.


We brings you some of the times KWAM 1 and Enmanuella showed off each other on social media.


1. KWAM 1’s 65th birthday

The Fuji king clocked 65 on March 3rd and as expected his wife took to social media with his photo and a beautiful post.

Not only did she celebrate her man, but Emmanuella also revealed how much the singer has done for her and how her life has turned around with their newfound love.

KWAM 1 also dropped a cute reply for his wife full of love and praises.



2. Sight-seeing together like youngins’

A couple in love as much as KWAM 1 and his beautiful wife would also relax and have fun together.

They might not be jumping horses or climbing mountains together, but the couple enjoy each other’s company.

This particular video got people gushing all over Instagram.



3. Have a special Valentine

Emmanuella got people in their feels when she shared this beautiful photo on her Instagram page.

The singer and his wife just like many couples, shared a beautiful photo during the season of love.

She was spotted giving him a peck on the cheek. It’s beautiful to see people in love.



4. The I do moment till forever

There is no better way to see a couple in love than at their wedding ceremony when they decide to become one for life.

At their traditional wedding, KWAM 1 and his beautiful bride donned rich Yoruba traditional outfits fit for royalty.

From the way they gazed into each other’s eyes at their nikkah, it was obvious that they shared a bond.




5. Lovbirds doing the oldies together

One might argue that KWAM 1’s wife would have a different music taste to him, but it turns out that they both enjoy the same things.

Even if she doesn’t enjoy it, there are things we do for love and listening to the other person’s favourite music is one.

Emmanuella and KWAM 1 casually chilled in this video as they listened to an old classic.




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