Lady born with backward feet and rejected by her dad builds mum a house

It Took her 8 Years: Young Lady Rejected by Her Dad Because She Was Born with Backward Feet Builds Mum a House, A young physically challenged lady identified as Devotha has built her mother a house using money she made from doing menial jobs.

Devotha was born in the year 1999 with feet backwards and this affected the lady’s life, but she decided not to give up against all odds.

According to Afrimax who did a documentary on the lady’s life, Devotha’s condition made her a subject of ridicule and rejection by people.

Her dad eventually joined the ‘rejection wagon’ and abandoned Devotha with the mum to start a new family elsewhere.

Devotha did menial jobs to make ends met

The media reported that Devotha couldn’t continue her education due to financial constraints.

Thanks to a village priest, she got enrolled in a technical school where she acquired knowledge in construction and set her mind to building her mum a house – as they actually had no place of their own.

Devotha did menial jobs like laundry to raise the money she used in buying a parcel of land and eventually began building on it.

Devotha’s mum was surprised her daughter was building her a house

Though it has been roofed, it is still not close to completion. But the lady’s gesture stunned the mum who couldn’t help but shower her encomiums.

“I didn’t know that Devotha could do this for me.

“She has spent 8 years doing this and she did more than enough.

“She is my hero and I am very grateful and will always be grateful,” Devotha’s mum said.

Devotha revealed that she did all the construction work herself.

“I bought the iron sheets, got the wood and everything on this house.”

Watch her touching story in the video below:



Netizens hail the young lady

Margie Burke said:

“I pray that the Dear Lord will bless this young lady and her mother. She is an amazing and beautiful young lady I ask Dear Lord please bless this family with everything they need in Jesus name amen.”

Stephen Mukaabya said:

“Determined devoted Lioness Devotha!! Unquestionably inspirational! Overcame all physical limitations to inspire us singlehandedly! Whaaoo! The greatest achievement unnoticed among us! Devotha has exceeded all challenging peaks and valleys accomplished what most of us couldn’t in a lifetime in her shoes! Remarkable indeed!”

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