Lady buys her father new smartphone, teaches him how to operate it in emotional video

Emotional Video Captures Moment Daughter Buys Dad New Phone, Shows Him How To Operate It, A cute video has shown the moment a young lady bought a phone for her father and instructed him how to use the device.

The daughter said that the man raised her and she loved him so much for that. In the clip, the lady demonstrated how he could film with the device’s camera.


She made her father happy


She gave him a thumbs up when the father understood how to pan the smartphone’s camera. A part of the video shows the moment the daughter took him out to get the phone.

Another part captures the man’s excitement when he unboxed the device. That moment was priceless.


Watch the video below:



He raised me. I love him and more 🥺❤️

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As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 800 comments with more than 90,000 likes.


 some of the reactions below:


Vanessa said:

“Made me smile.”

debbie said:

“This is a message. This is a lot. This is indeed a Queen. A role model. No, this one really captured me. I love you. Thank you for teaching us.”

Plantain Prince said:

“You must be so proud of yourself.”

xcandyflossx said:

“Why did this make me tear up… I miss Ug.”

muniscoco said:

“Bless both of you oh my God. I love seeing good people man.”

Mathilda Akatugba said:

“i love this so much.”

Lswanders said:

“This is beautiful babe. Well done. He’ll never forget this.”

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