Lerato Kganyakgo shared a message that might cause problems for her marriage, see details

Lerato Kganyakgo is starting to give her husband tough times for no reason because she understands how marriages work and also knows the needs of her husband, who has been on her side for a long time where they decided on impressing each other in bed and kitchen.

But Kganyakgo has decided to spend 21 days without having sex with her husband which has caused a huge drama on the social media platforms, because she is starting to abuse her man emotionally where the guy might do the unthinkable and cheat her with another woman.

One thing about marriage is that Parker’s should have sex more often so that they can avoid many challenges that can come in the future.

Woman like Kganyakgo should have understood this because she is working in an industry where most male cheats on their wife because of a lack of intimacy in the marriage.

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